Our Story

 Urban Natural Wellness is a family owned company birthed in 2019. I started this passion driven lifestyle turned  business with the desire and "calling" to provide individuals and families with natural wellness alternatives in the same ways that I've been nurturing my own family for many years prior. By creating natural remedies for my family of 7, to keep us not only healthy but to also improve our overall quality of life by depending on Nature's wonders.  

I believe that our bodies are our temples and it's up to us as individuals, to honor, respect and care for ourselves mentally spiritually, emotionally and physically.  By relearning, restoring and revisiting the blue print that mother nature has gifted, I continue to  invest in the health of myself and others by creating, educating and utilizing organic Earth given gems around me. Especially knowing that there is a better way to heal, treat and prevent through nature's medicine; herbs .

 My children are my biggest inspirations and driven force behind Urban Natural Wellness. It is my responsibility and my pleasure to provide them the example, education and healthy lifestyle. Their confidence and trust in me conjoined with my ability to care for them means the most to me. Being able to gift them with a plethora of generational wealth in health and knowledge.  

Investing in myself and obtaining multiple educational certificates and diplomas in Herbalism. As a maturing Herbalist, I take pride in teaching my family, friends and even strangers about connecting with and utilizing the Earth and all the natural blessings she has to offer us . I personally believe that health and wellness are human rights and not privileges .Here at Urban Natural Wellness we love, respect and depend on Mother nature and strongly advocate for our environment which is important and dear to our hearts .

I am overly grateful for my clients and customers for trusting in me in our joint efforts to help them overcome ailments that they have struggled with and has held them back from becoming their best and highest selves. It brings me so much joy to assist people on their wellness journey .Urban Natural Wellness is committed to delivering only the best natural, organic and NON-GMO products to you and your family. 

Our mission is simple... We strive to not only make holistic herbal health affordable and accessible to everyone but to educate and pass on knowledge in the process. Our unofficial matra is :"If there is an ailment, there is an herb to treat it!"